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Single and double cotton quilt models are offered to you with different color options. You can view our category to purchase quality and affordable quilts.

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Quilt The general name of bedspreads made of thick, embossed cotton fabric is known as quilt. Mostly preferred in spring and summer, quilts can be used both for covering yourself and as a bed cover. Available in a wide range of colors, patterns and sizes, quilt models are suitable for every taste and every bedroom.The quilt sets used to cover the bed in summer, are also preferred by those who want to take on a thin cover while sleeping on hot summer days. When used as a bedspread on the bed, it gives a stylish decorative look to the bedroom as well as providing hygiene. This item is also a must-have for the wedding sets. There are stylish and top quality quilt models that appeal to every taste, every need and every bedroom in our category. Quilt Models Directly contacting your skin on the bed, quilts provide a cool and comfortable sleep in summer. While the quilts designed to cover the body have a flatter and unprocessed design, quilt models used as bedspreads have more intense patterns, embroideries and a wider range of color options. Quilt models differ according to the fabric types, the type of yarn used and the patterns. Some of the most preferred quilt models that you can find in our category include lacey quilts, quilt sets with bedlinen, children`s quilts, single and double quilt models. Single & Double Quilts Quilt models also differ from each other according to their size. Quilts designed in different sizes for different bed sizes can look good in every bedroom. Single quilt models are produced in accordance with single bed sizes, while double quilts are produced according to double beds. However, since the size of each double or single bed will not be the same, it would be better if you measured your bed before purchasing the quilt and check the quilt sizes from the product information section. There are lacey, satin detailed or embroidered options among double quilt models suitable for wedding sets. If you want to buy quilt to prepare your set, you can prefer models with special details like these rather than plain models. Quilt Prices Quilts can be used both to cover yourself while sleeping and as a bedspread. Quilts that are used as bedspreads mostly include pillow covers. These quilts also have special details and patterns. The quilts used cover yourself consist of flatter and plainer designs. Therefore, the prices of quilts used for covering yourself have a more affordable price range than others. The quilt models you can find in our category are offered to you with the best price guarantee and the highest quality options. You can easily buy the most suitable product for your taste and room among these quilts. You can visit our Bedspread category to view bedspread models in addition to quilts.