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Single and double, soft blanket models are offered to you. You can view our category to purchase quality and affordable blanket models.

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Blanket One may think that blankets are made of thick woolen fabrics in general but blankets today are designed with many different fabrics and have different levels of thickness. Blankets, one of the essential items of cold winter days and cool spring months, appeal to all tastes with different colors, patterns and fabrics. Blanket models designed in different sizes such as single and double, are suitable for all needs. Blanket models that you can take on while sleeping, watching TV or lying in the living room are waiting for you in our category with the most stylish and high quality options. Blanket Models Blankets are designed in different models depending on the structure of the fabric, size and design. Blanket models you may find in our category include fleece blankets, double and single blankets, blankets that can also be used as bedspreads, baby blankets, double embossed blanket and tassel blankets. Baby blankets are produced for both boys and girls with different color options. The embossed blanket, which is actually a type of a baby blanket, is also produced in double size for adults. In addition to keeping warm, embossed blankets can also be used as bedspreads thanks to their stylish designs. You can also find various cotton blanket models on our page to use as bedspreads. Different Uses of Blankets Blankets were only used to protect from the cold and as a spread in the past but today they have many different uses. You can use blankets as a second spread under the duvet to keep warm in cold weather. And you can also take smaller blankets, which are known as knee blankets on you while watching television or lying down in the living room. Blankets also serve as bedspreads. Especially double blankets are offered in many options suitable for use as bedspreads. In addition, tasseled blankets in particular can be used for decorative purposes as sofa shawls. If you want to buy a blanket to use as a sofa shawl, you can choose blanket models in smaller sizes and in color shades that will match the color of your sofa. You can find many blanket models that serve all these purposes in our category. Blanket Prices Blanket models offered with different designs are indispensable textile products especially in winter months. One of the must-have items of wedding sets, blankets are also products that are frequently preferred as home gifts. Blanket models that can be used for many different purposes are presented to you with a wide selection that will adapt to all these areas of use. Factors such as the wide selection of models, fabric structure and brand are the main factors in the variation of blanket prices. There is a blanket model suitable for every style and every home, as well as a blanket suitable for every budget in our category. You can easily order the most suitable product for your budget after viewing all these blanket models on our page. In addition to blanket models, stylish and eye-catching bedspread models that will add elegance to your bedroom are also waiting for you in our Bedspread category.