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Promise and Engagement Tray

Stylish and eye-catching special design promise and engagement trays are offered to you on our website. You can check out our category to purchase quality and affordable promise and engagement trays.

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Promise and Engagement Tray The first steps to happiness are the promise and engagement days. It is everyone`s desire to prepare for these special days in the best way and to choose the accessories, materials and equipment to use in the most special way. Promise and engagement trays are designed to fulfill this desire. The promise and engagement tray, prepared from different materials and equipped with different decorations, is one of the most special equipment to use on these special days. The promise tray and the engagement tray, which are specially prepared for your promises and engagement days, can also be combined with other accessories such as a ring platform and scissors. Elegant promise and engagement trays used in the ring-wearing ceremony of future bride and grooms are waiting for you in our wide range of products. What Are Promise and Engagement Trays Used For? Promise trays and engagement trays are essentially the same products. While some perform the promise and engagement ceremonies together, others do these ceremonies on separate days. If you are going to hold your promise and engagement ceremony on separate days, you can use the same tray on both days, or you can use separate trays for both ceremonies. Promise and engagement trays are mostly sold as in sets with ring platforms and scissors and used in ring wearing ceremony. Promise or engagement rings that the bride and groom will put on are prepared on this tray. Two rings tied to a ribbon are placed on the ring platform. An elder family member takes the rings from this tray and puts them on the fingers of the bride and groom. Types of Promise and Engagement Trays Promise and engagement tray models are offered to couples in a very wide range. Wooden engagement trays, mirror engagement trays, glass engagement trays and metal engagement trays are among the most preferred options. Engagement trays can be sold individually as well as in engagement tray sets. When you are going to choose between the promise or engagement tray models, you can consider the style and colors of other materials you will use in the decoration, the color of your own outfit and the location. If you have an authentic engagement concept, you can use the promise and engagement trays made of wood. But if you have a more stylish and flamboyant environment, you can go with gem and gold detailed glass and mirror trays. Engagement Tray Prices There are basic accessories and materials used on promise and engagement days, which is the first step of the special journey towards happiness. Promise and engagement trays are some of these accessories. Engagement tray prices may vary according to the material of the tray, decoration materials, model and design. There is a promise and engagement tray suitable for every budget in our category. If you are looking for a budget-friendly, accessible priced promise & engagement tray, you can start looking at the models in our category right away. If you want to take a look at all the other products you may need on this special day besides engagement trays,you can visit our Wedding, Henna, Engagement category.