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Pashmina Shawl

Four-season pashmina shawls are offered with different color options. You can view our category to purchase quality and affordable pashmina shawls.

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Pashmina Shawls One of the indispensable items of hijab clothing, the headscarf, is designed in different options such as shawl, scarf and underscarf for different styles and face types. Shawls are at least as popular as scarves. Shawls are also divided into different styles according to the season, fabric and model. One of these styles is the pashmina shawl. Pashmina shawl is a traditionally woven shawl model made of cashmere wool or silk and cashmere blend wool. Pashminas are extremely stylish and elegant shawls, which are mostly hand woven, made of cashmere wool. However, Pashmina shawls are also produced from non-cashmere fabrics. Although these options cannot be considered 100% pashmina, they are still preferred because they are more affordable. You can start viewing the products in our category right away to include pashmina shawls in your shawl collection. Pashmina Shawl Models Pashmina shawl models are offered to you in different options such as patterned, thick, lacey, fine and shoulder shawl. Patterned pashmina shawls designed with different patterns such as floral, geometrical, lines and chains. You can easily wear patterned pashmina shawl models in your everyday combinations. While fine pashmina shawl models are mostly preferred in spring and summer, thick pashmina shawls are mostly used in windy and cold weather. Pashmina shawls are also designed without patterns. Patternless pashmina shawls with different color options can also be easily worn with everyday combinations. What Are the Characteristics of Pashmina Shawls? Pashmina is a very precious and special fabric. Pashmina is known as a fabric made of the thinnest cashmere obtained from combing the Himalayan goat. A must-have for those who value natural materials and high quality, pashmina can also be produced from more affordable fabrics that are not 100% cashmere. The prices of these options are more affordable than natural pashmina. The first thing that stands out about the characteristics of pashminas is that it keeps warm. You can also use these shawls, which will protect your head from the cold in winter and windy weather, as a shoulder wrap or a neck shawl. Another feature of pashmina shawls is that they require delicate care. You can have your Pashmina shawls cleaned in dry cleaning or you can wash them with just a little shampoo in warm water. You should definitely avoid bleaching applications as bleaching can spoil the fabric. Pashmina Shawl Prices Made of natural and 100% cashmere pashmina shawl prices are offered in high ranges. However, pashmina shawls made of fabrics that are not 100% cashmere provide ease of purchase for the users. There is a pashmina wrap model for all budgets in our category. You can view the pashmina wrap models offered at affordable price ranges through our category and easily order a product that suits your budget. If you would like to check out all the other shawls in addition to pashmina shawl models such as silk shawl, shawls with stones, evening shawls and cotton shawls, you can view our Shawl category.