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Practical Pide Recipe at Home


Practical Pide Recipe at Home
We prepared a practical pide recipe at home, where you can feed 7-8 people, prepare them in 10 minutes in the oven and prepare them in 40 minutes with family members!
We chose cheese. If you wish, you can do it with the inner mortar you want with minced meat, eggplant, mushroom.
Trick: If it is a mortar to add by cooking the inner mortar, let's add it into the dough after it's cooled.
1 cup of milk (at room temperature)
3 cups of water (at room temperature)
1 pack of age yeast
1 tablespoon butter (melted and warmed)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
5-6 cups flour (cup size 200 ml )
Ingredients for the topping
1 Teacup white cheese 
1 Teacup cheddar cheese (whatever kind of cheese is in the fridge)
Put 1 egg yolk on top of it.  (we added the white to the cheese mixture so that it wouldn't be wasted)
Add water and milk to the bowl where we will knead the dough and add yeast and sugar. Let's mix it well (it'll be smooth)
Add the salt and oil and mix it again.
Add five glasses of flour and mix it. Let's add the sixth cup of flour slowly, according to the consistency.
Let's cover the top of the dough, which doesn't stick too much in our hands but not too hard, with cloth and waiting for 15 minutes.
Inner ingredients for the dough: Let's crumble the white cheese with our hands and grate the cheddar cheese in a bowl. Let's add the parsley, which we finely chop. Add the white of the egg and mix it nicely. You can add more cheese if you wish. Since the cheeses we used were salty, we didn't add salt to it.
Preparation: Let's split the fermented dough into 8 pieces. We'll make round meringues and put them on a cloth and cover them so they don't dry it.
Let's take one of your meringues and open them with a longitudinal rolling pin. Don't make the dough too thick. Let's keep it a little thinner than our pinkie.
Let's add mortar right in the middle and put it together on the sides. The mortar will remain in the dough will be closed. Let's combine the dough to be closed.
According to our baking tray, there were 2 trays of 8 pids.
Once we've prepared all our pide, we'll scramble the egg yolk and spread on it.
Cooking Time: Baked in a preheated 250-degree oven until fried. It took about 20 to 25 minutes in our oven. The pide is ready when it is turn red. It's all :)
Let's slice the cooked pides as you wish and serve them when it's hot. The next day can be eaten for breakfast, cold.
Enjoy your meal!