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Practical Tea Recipe That Strengthens The Immune System


Practical Tea Recipe That Strengthens The Immune System
Fruits and spices have the ability to support our immune system. The healing of colds is also in nature. Linden, sage, cinnamon, and ginger support our immune system particularly in upper respiratory tract disorders.   The diet, which is supported by abundant fluid consumption and fruits and vegetables, protects us from microbes and bacteria when we keep our hands clean and be careful about our personal care.  
Here is the practical tea recipe that strengthens the immune system, which we prepare for you, which you can easily prepare with the ingredients in your home, where you can consume as a family!
Juice of 1 lemon
1-2 stick cinnamon
1 branch ginger
4 tooth cloves
1 Apple
1 Orange
1 pinch of linden 
3 liters of drinking water

Let's add the drinking water to a large saucepan. Let's squeeze the juice of 1 lemon, slice the apple and orange you peel and add it into our water. Add cinnamon and ginger. You can also use powdered cinnamon and ginger if you wish.If you're using it in powder form, let's add a teaspoon for each. Let's put the clove in and boil. When the mixture boils well, close to the heater and add a pinch of linden.  If there is no linden, you can add it in sage or green tea.  Let's get our saucepan from our stove that we've closed. Once we add the linden into the mixture, close the lid of our saucepan and wait 10 minutes. Then let's filter this mixture and taste it with honey while serving it in your glasses.
Enjoy your meal!