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Dozens of products belonging to the toy & education category that educate your children while entertaining are offered to you on our website. You can view our category to purchase high quality and affordable toy & education products.

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Toys & Education One of the most important tools influencing a child`s development is the correct and effective toy selection. When you buy your children suitable toys for their age and development process, you contribute to their mental, physical and psychological development, and support them to have a much more enjoyable childhood and make happy memories. You can view this category for different types of toys that will make your children happy. Educational Toys for All Age Groups When educational toys are in question, it is possible to find different types of toys for every age group. Educational toys for babies usually consist of playing cards, rattle balls and buttoned and musical toys. After your children reach age 1, they become better at figuring out cause-effect relationships and categorization. That is why it is necessary to choose toys that are more suitable for their mental development. You can view the educational toys in our category for different age groups including educational toys for 1-year-olds, educational toys for 2 year olds and educational toys for 3-year-olds and make your children happy. For example, toy cars, play dough options and toy trucks are some of the toys that children up to 2 years of age have a lot of fun playing. Play Time with Your Baby! Although babies cannot fully understand the concepts of category and relationship until they reach 6 months, they always enjoy playing with toys suitable for their age. Being able to only distinguish black and white until the 3rd month, babies may be interested in plush toys such as a panda, zebra or a black and white teddy bear. Baby play cards contribute to the babies` mental development with the contrasting colors and educational shapes on them. As your babies start to sit, lift themselves up and crawl, their interests in the world will increase and they will start enjoying more complicated toys. Not getting tired of playing with music-playing battery-powered toys, luminous balls, wooden toy airplanes and cars for hours, children can have a fun play time by exploring textures and sounds. Instead of putting dozens of different toys in front of your babies so that they can play effectively, you can try to offer them their favorite toys in turns. Toy Prices The toy prices in our category may differ depending on the toy`s function, type and material. If the toy you like is an educational wooden toy, it may be slightly higher priced than plastic toy options. However, it has been proven by scientific studies that wooden toys are much more beneficial for children`s health and development. Wooden fruit cutting sets, games with colorful beads, teddy bear dressing sets, picture puzzles and much more are waiting for parents in Sefamerve`s extensive toy collection. You can also pick a toy suitable for your child`s age among the toy models for different age groups such as 2-year-old toys and 3-year-old toys and give a wonderful gift to your baby. Wooden blocks can help developing your children`s motor skills, and you can contribute to the development of their vocabulary by reading them fun baby books. It is certain that you are at the right place for fun and enjoyable toys. You can also view our Baby Clothing & Shoes category with a wide range of products to fulfill your baby`s clothing and shoe needs.