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Sports exercise suggestions that can be made at home

Sports exercise suggestions that can be made at home!

Allah(c.c) entrusted our bodies to us. Worship is the most beautiful opportunity offered to us in order to hold our body in the healthiest way.
Prayer, which is obligatory for Muslims, is an important worship for the Islamic world. Five times a day, the Prayer is obligatory. The prayer, which is held in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening and yacht, will keep us active and will activate our entire body. Our active body's immune system also strengthens and provides more protection against viruses.
Nowadays, it is difficult to leave the house, it is also important to keep our body on the move to protect our health and strengthen our immune system.. Whether you can do it with your family members at home or yourself, you can find both fun and easy exercise suggestions on
Exercising at home is effortless and you do not have to go anywhere. You are also protected from harmful microbes in the surrounding area.
Here are the exercise suggestions for you that you can do in the house and you will not need more than the ingredients around you.
1) Cleaning
If we do the right moves while cleaning our homes, we can burn calories and be active during the day. Especially when holding a broom or cleaning the floors with soapy water, we can move more than we thought. The only important thing is which hand of the broomChange the hand with the broom, in certain numbers.For example, continue cleaning 20 times with a broom in your right and 20 times left hand and focus on the movements of your arms and back. You can repeat any number of times you want.
2) Lifting weight with water bottles
Lifting weights with water bottles is a great exercise to keep your arm, shoulder and back area active. Fill the 2 water bottles in equal quantities whether it's 0.5 liters or 1.5 liters.  Milk cans, buttermilk bottles can use whatever is in your home. The weight you're going to lift with both arms needs to be equal. Take the weights in your hand and raise your arms 20 times to both sides and 20 times up.
3) Jumping Jack
If you have a child in primary school age at home, it will be fun to do it with it.
Jump and raise your arms up and clap your hands like applause. Every bounce is a round of applause. If you wish, you can take a step in the right and left directions without jumping, standing ready-to-be.
Who's going to do the most in 1 minute?

4) Climbing stairs
It's a great exercise where you can do it, even if you don't have stairs in your home, it helps to keep your knees active. It's time to use books you do not use in your home, encyclopedias that still stand on the shelves. Make sure that the floor height of the book you will use is less than 1 inch of size with your hand. Hold less than the rise of the standard stair. Even one book is enough! Turn on your favorite tv show and get up and down the stairs, you make by changing your feet.