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Praying Carpet

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Rose Patterned Chenille Prayer Rug 2003-06 Green
Rose Patterned Chenille Prayer Rug 2003-05 Blue
Rose Patterned Chenille Prayer Rug 2003-03 Red
Rose Patterned Chenille Prayer Rug 2003-04 Purple
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$26.77 $17.36
Kaaba Patterned Prayer Rug 2008-01 Red
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$8.48 $5.76
Gobelin Prayer Rug 2000-02 Green
Gobelin Prayer Rug 2000-01 Gold
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$66.94 $38.78
Kaaba Patterned Prayer Rug 2010-03 Purple
Kaaba Patterned Prayer Rug 2010-02 Red
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$16.51 $11.56
Silk Taffeta Prayer Rug 2015-03 Gray
Silk Taffeta Prayer Rug 2015-04 Purple
Silk Taffeta Prayer Rug 2015-02 Green
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$16.51 $11.11
Ottoman Taffeta Prayer Rug 2001-04 Gray
Ottoman Taffeta Prayer Rug 2001-02 Pink
Ottoman Taffeta Prayer Rug 2001-03 Orange
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$13.38 $8.44
Taffeta Prayer Rug 2006-03 Pink
Taffeta Prayer Rug 2006-02 Navy Blue
Taffeta Prayer Rug 2006-01 Claret Red
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$20.97 $13.34
Forty Patch Prayer Rug 2007-01 Lilac
Forty Patch Prayer Rug 2007-02 Green
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$87.47 $48.16
Luxury Chenille Prayer Rug 2009-02 Pink
Luxury Chenille Prayer Rug 2009-01 Light Pink
Luxury Chenille Prayer Rug 2009-03 Cream
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$13.38 $8.44
Silver Tulip Patterned Prayer Rug 2002-01 Gray
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$11.15 $7.10
Tulip Gobelin Prayer Rug 2012-02 Green
Tulip Gobelin Prayer Rug  2012-01 Gold
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$24.54 $16.02
Tulip patterned Prayer Rug 2011-01 Tile
Tulip patterned Prayer Rug 2011-04 Cream
Tulip patterned Prayer Rug 2011-03 Claret Red
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$16.51 $11.11
Ottoman Patterned Prayer Rug 2005-01 Navy Blue
Ottoman Pattern Prayer Rug 2005-04 Damson
Ottoman Patterned  Prayer Rug 2005-03 Green
Ottoman Pattern Prayer Rug 2005-05 Damson Cream

Prayer Rug

Prayer rugs, one of the most used items during the day, is one of the things that must be in everyone's house. The prayer rugs, which are the first solution of the people looking for a clean place while praying, is also one of the most blessed items. The prayer rug, which is an Arabic word, comes from the same root as the prostrate and means the place of prostration. The prayer rugs serve as a valuable bridge during salaat and praying.

The prayer rugs, which is wide enough to pray for one person, makes the salaat area safe. Even when the prayer salaats with the community, people prefer to take their prayer rugs from their homes. The prayer rugs, which are among the first items of the girl's dowry, are sometimes given to each others as a gift, and sometimes to the family elders by giving them silk or atlas fabric prayer rugs.

When we look at the materials used in prayer rugs in previous times, it is seen that materials such as wicker, animal fur, wood, sawn cloth are evaluated to provide a clean space. Today, prayer rugs are mostly made of velvet fabric and there are patterns that symbolize our religion on it.

Prayer Rug Designs

In the prayer rugs made of acrylic and velvet, mihrab, tulip patterns and Kaaba paintings are mostly used and preferred. Most of the prayer rugs made up of colors such as claret red and navy blue, are sometimes flat and sometimes tasseled.

For children who will begin to salaat, more colorful prayer rugs also appears. Colorful prayer rugs with rainbow and nature patterns on it will make them happy and motivating for children on the days that they begin salaat.

One of the models of prayer rugs which were recently fashioned and preferred by the ladies is etamin prayer rugs. Many motifs and patterns can be processed on a dark ground with this method of weaving handicraft prayer rugs.

Prayer Rug Sets

It will be more elegant and economical to buy as a set for the prayer rugs that can be given as gifts. The prayer rugs, which are mostly presented in pastel colors and which are also preferred in dowry to take to the woman's house, consist of prayer rugs, Quran cover, fardel and towel. Prayer beads are also recommended as an additional gift to be taken next to the prayer rug sets.

If you want to buy a prayer rug from you can choose the model you want among the different fabrics and colors and make your shopping with confidence.