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Knitwears in Islamic Clothing

Knitted sweater, cardigans and dresses, which will warm you up in cold winter days, are an important part of dressing by providing warm colors and soft texture. When the hot summer days are left behind and the winter season starts, knitted fabrics are the must for your wardrobe. In winter days, where we feel cold in outdoors and feel warm in the indoor places, knitwear cardigans and vests will be your savior.

How to Match Knitwears With Other Clothes?

It is possible to see knitwear products everywhere in this season. Knitwear sweaters are indispensable for cold winter days. You can wear knitwear sweaters with different colors and patterns that can be combined with both trousers and skirts. On a pleated skirt, you can choose a plain knitwear sweater, which will allow you to feel more comfortable and look elegance. Long tricot tunics with different color options offer you lots of options. You can use the tricot tunics in any environment like your office life with a stylish heel or boot, or you can create a style that suits your everyday life, when you wear it with a sports shoe. You can create a stylish look when you use knitwear dresses with boots and a winter scarf. With the elegance of the knitwear and the softness of the fabric used, you can be comfortable and warm all day.

Sweater cardigans can be also your biggest savior. You can choose the same color for your knitwear with the shirt and the pants you wear, or you can choose contrasting colors. This year, tone on tone clothing and contrasting colors are quite fashionable. One of the most important part of this season is knitwear suit. Tricot suits support women with hijabs with ease of use and help you create a stylish look with different designs. You have two options for knitwear suits; the first is the pair of skirt and blouses, the second is the pair of tunic and pants. Asymmetric details are widely used in knitted suits with different options, which also helps you to save time.

You can also create different combinations with knitted skirts. You can enrich your tricot skirts with asymmetrical or straight cuts by using different accessories. For example, when you use a belt and combine it with a boot, you can create a stylish look. This year the color of the world as the world's color authorities explain is coral, and by using coral color you can create a stylish look.

Knitwear Models

Knitwear Dress: You can find knitwear dress in many different colors and patterns. Turtleneck tricot dresses, pinstripe tricot dresses, tricot hooded dresses, knitwear dresses with belt are just a few of your options. One of the most important detail that should be considered when combining your clothes is the use of scarves. When you choose a patterned or turtleneck dress, you should think using a plain colored scarf.

Tricot Cardigans: Tricot cardigans are one of the most preferred models of ladies with hijabs. You can create your own style in every environment. You can create a more bohemian style with bat sleeve knit cardigans. If you prefer your knitwear cardigans with pocket or hoodie, you can have more sporty style. In addition to this, knitwear cardigans have wide range of patterns and colors. Like knit cardigans, you can make a difference in your style by using tricot ponchos.

Tricot Sweater: In tricot sweater, adornments on the fabric are in the forefront. You can add elegance to your style by choosing pearl patterned and knitted patterned sweaters.

Tricot Tunics: Tricot tunics are the most preferred models in hijab clothing. Thin and thick tunics, pearl and embroidery, stone-printed tunics can reflect your difference.

Tricot Underscarves: You can make small but effective touches to your style with the underscarves that you can use in autumn and winter. As an alternative to your scarves, you can add elegance to your daily style with the knitwear underscarves you can use.

Tricot Suits: You can easily create tone on tone style with different knitwear suits. This style is quite fashionable nowadays.

Tricot Skirts: You can spend a warm winter by combining sweater skirts with knitwear sweaters and knitwear tunics. Pleated knitwear skirts are the indispensable products of the winter period.

Tricot Pants: There are lots of options in knitwear pants too. You can also choose palazzo pants with elastic waistband. You can wear your knitted tricot pants with shirts or sweaters to get comfortable in your daily or business life. You can use this type of trousers with long tops to create a more appealing style.