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Shawl - Scarf Pin

Very stylish shawl and scarf pins with gems are offered to you. You can view our category to purchase quality and affordable shawl and scarf pins.

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Yoke Abaya Having an important place among abaya models, the yoke abaya is one of the items frequently preferred among hijab outerwear products, especially in season transitions. The yoke abaya has secured its place among the outerwear products frequently preferred by modest dressing women thanks to its unique cut and fit. The yoke abaya is offered to you with the unique touch and designs of Sefamerve. What is a Yoke Abaya? You need to understand the type and the quality of the yoke fabric first to understand what a yoke abaya or an abaya made of yoke is. Dresses and clothes made from yoke fabric are basically designed by reusing the main fabric of the dress additionally in the chest area. In other words, this fabric used as a kind of top layer is what makes a yoke dress or abaya. These yoke abaya models with unique designs help you achieve a much more original and stylish look. When yoke abaya models are in question, it is possible to come across many different color and design options. What Are Yoke Abaya Models? Yoke abayas are known as outerwear items with a patched upper part and have many different color, design and model options. They are especially preferred in the spring and autumn months, when the weather is not extremely cold but cool. It is possible to wear the yoke abayas, which are very useful during season transitions, as an outerwear item over your blouse or tunic, or as a stand-alone dress. Yoke abayas go well together with many outfits when preferred in black and can be worn as a trench coat or a long coat. Yoke winter abaya models are made from a relatively thicker fabric than others and can be used safely in colder months. The pleated yoke abaya, on the other hand, gives a stylish and elegant look with pleat details in the lower chest area. The tie waist abaya is among the most popular abaya models of the recent seasons thanks to its delicate design. How to Create an Outfit with Yoke Abaya? You can pair the yoke abaya you purchased from Sefamerve with many different items in many different ways. If you want to wear your abaya when it`s not too cold but it`s getting slightly cooler, you can wear it directly as a dress and you will not have to put on any extra items. But if you want to use your yoke abaya as a coat or a jacket, what you are going to wear under becomes very important. If you choose to wear a long skirt under your yoke abaya, it is important that the hemline of your skirt is not visible under the abaya. Likewise, the blouse, shirt or tunic that you will wear under the abaya should be covered in a way that it doesn`t create an undesired baggy look. If you pay attention to these and similar little details, it is only a matter of time to create eye-catching yoke abaya outfits. You, too, can decide on a model from our collection that suits your taste by viewing our category, which includes dozens of different color and pattern options. Just visit our Abaya category for more abaya models.