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House Shoes & Snoozies The place you spend your time the most is perhaps your home. It is very important to wear house shoes and snoozies to keep your feet comfortable and healthy at home as you do outside. In order to maintain the comfort of the feet carrying the weight of the whole body and to keep them warm especially in cold weather, it is very necessary to use snoozies and house shoes when at home. The snoozies and house shoes you can find in our category draws attention with their stylish designs for women who care about their appearance as well as their comfort. You can start checking out the house shoes and snoozies offered in a wide range of styles with many different designs and colors such as stone, pearl, pompon. Types of House Shoes House shoes are produced in different colors and designs for women. Flat house shoes are one of the most preferred type of house shoes. These shoes designed in the form of a ballet flat are stylish enough to match your clothes, especially when you are visiting a friend at home or hosting guests in your own home. Flat house shoes are models designed with pearls, stones, feathers or embroidery on the front. Being mostly designed in black, flat house shoes also have color options such as tan, brown, gray and navy blue. There are some house shoes designs that resemble home slippers. For those who do not compromise the comfort of easily wearing and taking off slippers, house shoes are designed in the form of slippers with embroidered, stone and pearl details. Our category offers products in a wide range between size 36-40. You can complement your elegant look with house shoes by buying a product the same size as your foot number. Types of Snoozies Women`s snoozies designs are more suitable for home use.Snoozies are produced from different materials such as yarn and plush for ladies. Having many color and design options, snoozy models provide you the comfort you need at home. Offered in a wide selection of models ranging from popular cartoon characters to football team colors, from plush toys to bow figures, the snoozies will be indispensable for cold days. Snoozies produced with short or long variations are preferred by women especially in winter with their ankle-length alternatives. You can prefer short snoozies both in winter and spring. Prices of House Shoes & Snoozies House shoes and snoozies, which are preferred by those who want to keep the feet comfortable at home as well, are waiting for you in our category with the best quality and best price options. The prices of snoozies may vary depending on the model of the product and the material used in general. The reason why the prices of snoozies differ from each other is due to the difference of the material used in the production. There are snoozies and house shoes suitable for every budget in our category. You can purchase these for your home comfort or as gifts to your loved ones. You can also check out low-cost options to have extra pairs of house shoes or snoozies at home. If you want to view slipper models, which are essential for summer months, you can visit our Summer Slippers category.