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Bamboo or cotton soft towel models are offered to you with guipure and embroidery details. You can view our category to purchase quality and affordable towels.

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Towel One of the first products that comes to mind when you hear the words bath textiles, the towel is offered in different designs for different uses. You can get a single towel or purchase a towel set for your home or wedding set, as well as buying as a gift to a loved one. Towel models, which come in different sizes, fabric features, colors, patterns and have different uses, manage to appeal to every taste and every need. Serving different purposes such as drying the hands, face, body, and keeping something warm in the kitchen, towel models are now produced using various materials and raw materials. All these factors cause the towels to have different levels of absorbency. That is why it would be beneficial to pay attention to the structure of the fabric, raw material and the production techniques, when buying towels. Towel Models Towel models, which have different areas of use and are appealing to different homes, are presented to you with a wide range of options. Some of the towel models you can find in our category include lacey towels, embroidered towels, face towels, guipure towels, pearl towels, jacquard towels and bamboo towels. Bamboo towels are produced by mixing a certain amount of cotton fibers with the fibers of the bamboo tree grown in the Far East. The reasons why bamboo towels are preferred especially in recent years are because bamboo has a soft structure, high washing resistance, anti-static properties, high resistance against alkali, acids and fungi. If you, too, are looking for a long-lasting towel, you can choose bamboo towels. Different Towels for Different Areas Although the first area that comes to mind when talking about towels is the bathroom, towels are often used in kitchens. Hand towels also known as small sized towels are ideal for use in kitchens. Kitchen towels that are used in the kitchen can be used both to dry hands in the kitchen or to hold something warm. So, towels are designed differently with various fabrics for different areas of use. Towels suitable for use in the bathroom mostly have details such as embroidery, pearls, lace and tassels while towels suitable for use in the kitchen are designed in a plainer style with darker colors and less patterns. You should not ignore these kinds of detail features that will affect practicality when buying a towel for using in the kitchen or bathroom. You should also pay attention to the colors when choosing towels for both areas, to ensure they match with the furniture and the general style of the house. Towel Prices Appealing to different budgets, towel prices may vary according to the fabric properties of the towel, the raw material and the model. Although the price is an important factor when buying a towel, you should definitely check the fabric properties of the towel carefully. When you buy a quality towel, you will actually save money in the long run, as you can use it much longer. You can start viewing the best quality and affordable towel models listed in our category. If you want to view stylish bathrobes as well as towel models, you can visit our Bathrobe Set category.