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Peshtemals are offered to your liking with different models and colors. You can view our category to purchase quality and affordable peshtemals.

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Peshtemal Rectangular shaped seamless woven fabrics are called peshtemals. While peshtamal varieties were used only in Turkish baths in the past, today they are used in many different ways. Peshtemals, which can be worn by tying the corners into a knot due to their seamless structure, have become popular among many women in recent years. Peshtemal models that are appreciated for their fine texture, elegant and stylish looks are presented to your liking in our category with different pattern, color and length options. You can start to view the products in our category to check them out and buy the best priced peshtemal models. Peshtemal Models Peshtemals, which are woven cloths similar to towels, have a much more rooted history than towels. One of the symbolic textile products in our culture, the peshtemal offers a comfortable use as a result of being lighter than towels. Able to dry quickly thanks to their light and fine structures, peshtemals are also used for drying at the beach. Although classical rectangular woven cloths come to mind when it you hear the word peshtamal, peshtamal bathrobes and peshtemal dresses have started being sold in the past years. You can also prefer using the peshtemal models you can easily use at holiday locations and Turkish baths at home. If you do not want to waste time drying your bathrobes or towels on hot summer days after taking frequent showers, you can try peshtemal bathrobe models. Peshtamal varieties are also among the textile products that can be added in wedding sets and preferred as gifts. Where and How to Use a Peshtamal? Peshtemal has gained popularity and demand again especially in recent years, with the rebirth of passion for vintage and things of the past. Peshtemals have been used for quite a lot of things since their emergence. While there were Turkish bath peshtemal models used mostly at Turkish baths and other peshtemal models used as an apron in the kitchen while cooking in the past, there are different peshtemal models designed for different usage areas today. Peshtemals can be used at the beach, pool side and spa. Stylish peshtemal dresses are especially ideal models to wear at these places. In addition, different clothes such as peshtemal blouses, tunics and shirts have been designed in recent years. These are also ideal alternatives to use at holiday destinations. Rectangular classic model loincloths have a wide variety of colors and patterns available today. These can also be used at baths to cover or dry yourself. Peshtamal Prices Peshtamal varieties have hand woven and machine woven types. Peshtemal prices depend on whether the product is hand woven or machine woven, the model and brand. Machine woven peshtemal models are in a more affordable price range than hand woven ones. However, hand woven peshtemals are especially preferred when buying wedding sets and gift peshtemals. The peshtemal models you can find in our category appeal to every taste as well as every budget. You can view the products on our page to find the most affordable peshtemals. You can also visit our related category if you want to view the most stylish towel variations in addition to the peshtamal models.