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Silk Scarf

The newest silk scarf models of elite brands are offered to you with different model options. You can view our category to purchase quality and affordable silk scarves.

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Silk Scarves

Silk scarves, one of the most important items of Islamic clothing, are designed in various fabrics and models. One of them is the Armine silk scarf model. Silk scarf; As the name suggests, they are scarves made of silk fabric. Silk fabric is formed by processing the fibers obtained from the cocoons of silkworms into yarn. Due to the feature of silk scarves fabric; It has soft, light, and cool-keeping properties in summer. You can check out the types of silk scarves preferred by Muslim women due to their durable fabric.

With its delicate structure, fine texture, and lightness, it has been among the favorite products of Muslim women for centuries. There are many types of silk headscarves today. The sizes and patterns of the products are budget friendly and designed to suit your outfits. Sefamerve silk scarf models, which are most preferred by Muslim women of all ages, are now on sale at affordable prices.

The fact that the silk scarf is thin does not mean that you can use it only in summer. Thanks to its fiber threads, it is one of our products that you can use in all seasons. We recommend you wear a cotton bonnet under your scarf to keep it stable. Our silk scarves, which will be the best part of your outfits, are now on our website with many color options.

Silk Scarf Models

Silk scarves are also divided into different models. Silk scarf models designed using different patterns and prints are generally preferred to complete your stylish look on your special occasions. Silk scarf models, which have a wide range of products in different colors and patterns, are the choice of Muslim women who are looking for a stylish and durable scarf model. Scarves, also known as Twill silk scarves, are produced from 100% pure silk. There are also silk scarf models known as sura silk. Aker silk scarf models are 100% pure silk just like twill scarves.

What makes these two silks different is their structure, texture, and style. Sura silk is also called satin. Sura silk scarves, which have a more slippery structure than Twill silk, are more difficult to shape. Therefore, the most preferred type of silk scarf is Medina silk scarves. Twill scarves are frequently preferred because of their easy to wear and take off, easy to shape, and non-slip structure.

How to Clean Silk Scarves?

The washing conditions of silk fabrics are different from other fabrics. That's why the question of "how to wash a silk scarf" is often asked. Before washing the silk scarf, you should make sure that it can be washed by hand. It is also important to prevent discoloration while washing the scarf. It is up to you to extend the life of your silk scarf. If you follow our cleaning instructions, it will look like the first day for many years.

Fill a container with warm water and add detergent suitable for silk. Soak your silk scarf in water and wait 5 minutes. . After soaking your silk scarf for 1 more minute, rinse it with cold water until all the foam and detergent on it are removed. Be careful not to wring your silk scarf too much, just gently remove the water. To dry your silk scarf, gently place it on a towel and wrap it in a roll so that the towel absorbs the water on the scarf. Then you can lay it on a different towel and wait for your scarf to dry.

Since silk scarves are durable scarves, they are one of the most preferred scarves by Muslim women. Although silk scarf prices are higher than other scarves, their quality and long-term use allow you to get your money's worth. You can have our models that will complete your combinations on our website without wasting time. The elegance and classiness of silk will accompany you on your special occasions and everyone will admire your style.

Silk Scarf Prices:

Due to the difficulty of the production process of silk, silk scarf prices are higher than other fabric types. However, with the sales and deals on our online store, silk shawls are suitable for every Muslim woman's budget. Sefamerve enables you to reach quality products at the most affordable prices, and also offers campaigns on silk scarf models as well as all Islamic clothing products.

Budget-friendly models are waiting for you on our website, which has been serving you for years with quality and Sefamerve assurance. If you wish, you can check the prices of silk scarves on our online store and buy a budget-friendly scarf easily. You can visit our website to view and buy our scarf models.