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Baby Blankets

Soft, thin and thick baby blankets are offered to you with different models and color options. You can view our category to purchase quality and affordable blanket models.

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Baby Blanket One of the baby supplies you will need most especially in the first months after your baby is born is the baby blanket. Regardless of the season of birth, babies have to deal with a highly sensitive immune system, especially during the first 3 months. A blanket is one of the most practical and effective solutions in terms of protecting babies who can be highly affected by even slight weather changes. You can also find a quality product for your little one by taking a look at the baby blanket models on our page. Baby Blanket Models Baby blanket models primarily differ depending on the fabrics from which they are produced. Baby blankets can be made from different fabrics such as plush, cotton or combed cotton. Cotton baby blankets do not make your baby sweat and help the skin breathe. Thus, your baby can sleep more comfortably if you use a cotton baby blanket. Plush baby blankets are products preferred by parents, especially in winter, but they are products that can be used when taking the baby out for a short time. Baby blankets have many different colors, patterns and model options. Written models, printed patterns, gender-specific color options such as blue and pink, and cute animal figures are among the details that come to the fore in baby blanket models. You, too, can benefit from purchasing a practical and soft baby blanket for your baby. Before Buying a Baby Blanket... There are some important things to consider before buying a blanket for your baby. One of them is from which fabric the blanket is made. The important thing here is to choose a fabric that will not irritate your baby`s skin, cause an allergic reaction or prevent the skin from breathing. If you go with combed cotton baby blankets your baby would feel comfortable in the blanket and would not sweat. However, combed cotton baby blankets do not offer a very convenient use in winter. On colder days, fabrics such as wool, knit or fleece should be preferred to cover your baby during night sleep or to wrap it up while going out. If you are looking for a baby blanket model for your newborn baby, you may prefer hooded models. So that you can also protect your baby`s head. After buying a baby blanket, you should also pay attention to the washing instructions, throw it into the washing machine at the recommended temperature and washing program and wash it with baby detergent. Baby Blanket Prices The baby blanket prices in our category are in very budget-friendly ranges and are determined with the aim of offering you an affordable shopping for your baby. Prices may vary depending on the size and fabric of the blanket. Models with patterns and accessories, fleece fabrics to keep your baby warm, cute writings and much more are waiting for you in the baby blanket collection here. Baby blankets may be a bit more costly when they also have onesie properties. However, if you order a baby blanket set, you get to have extra products such as a pillow, bed sheet, duvet cover and crib protector. You can start shopping right away to examine all our models closely and to choose the best blanket for your baby. For more children`s clothing products, you can visit our Children`s Clothing and Shoes category.