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Antibacterial Hand Disinfectant Gel Against Corona and Viruses 100 Ml 0100






THE RETURN IS NOT ACCEPTED AFTER THE PACKAGE IS OPENED, IT IS A PERSONAL CARE PRODUCT. Konix; ANTIBACTERIAL GEL WHICH PROVIDES HYGIENE TO OUR HANDS. IN THE DAY, WE ARE AGAINST THE MICROPROPS EVERYWHERE WE TOUCH. WITH KONIX ANTIBACTERIAL GEL, IT IS POSSIBLE TO RECOVER 99% FROM MICROPES. KONIX ANTIBACTERIAL GEL; IT IS EASY PORTABLE WITH A PACKAGING OF 100 ML. MASS TRANSPORT VEHICLES, TOILETS, SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, OFFICES. PROTECT FROM MICROPES WITH KONIX ANTIBACTERIAL IN ALL COMMON USE AREAS. Symptoms of poisoning: Nausea may occur if the product is swallowed. LD values (Oral Rat): 8000 mg / kg First Aid Measures In Case of Skin Contact: When used in accordance with the instructions, no adverse effects are seen. In case of Eye Contact: If there is contact, it should be removed and eyes should be washed with plenty of water. If discomfort continues, call a doctor immediately. If Swallowed: Give the person something by mouth. Loosen tight-fitting clothing, such as a collar, tie, belt or waistband. Get medical attention if necessary. In case of Inhalation: Move affected person to fresh air. If breathing with difficulty, apply artificial respiration. Get medical attention if necessary. Antidote and Required Information: There is no specific antidote. Symptomatic therapy is applied. CALL 114NOUS PHONE OF NATIONAL POISON CONSULTING CENTER (UZEM) IN THE POISONING STATUS. Points to Take into Consideration When Using and Storing the Product: Store in the original package in a cool and dry place at room temperature. It is poisonous for bees. MAY BE POISONOUS AGAINST FISH AND OFFICER ORGANISMS.

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