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Spending Time at Home with Our Children and Family


Spending Time at Home with Our Children and Family
We are at home because of the coronavirus! Our children are the ones most affected by the current situation in this process.Since schools are closed, it is our responsibility to minimize the impact of our children's inability to continue their daily routine.
Children develop their concerns by looking at adults. They examine the words of parents and their nonverbal behavior. So children learn what they're going to worry about and don't worry about by looking at the adults around them.  If the adults around them are very concerned, children experience this mood even more and are more affected by us.
First, it is necessary to check how children use televisions, computers and smartphones and how long they use them. If they're constantly using computers, tablets or smartphones, we need to keep the content they're watching under control. The importance of spending time together and playing games is very important for both adults and children. We recommend puzzles and strategy games that support brain development for you.
We need to keep our children away from social media and television content that can have a negative impact on them. Besides, according to the age group, we need to summarize the real information and the situation. We need to inform the children honestly that children don't think of the corona virus worse in their imagination. It is important to communicate with our children how they should behave to protect our health and environment, why we are at home these days. It is the right behavior to be done to tell our family members about what is being done on this issue in the world with age-appropriate content with the information provided by the Ministry of Health. We need to pass on the right information to our children as much as they need.
You need to be more accessible to children times like this. You need to spend more time as a family and use more love words. If you're healthy, don't forget to say that you're fine and repeat it. It is very important that the information is accurate and that we are honest. The information we pass on prevents our children from worrying at this difficult time and gives them peace. Feel free to indicate the importance of spending time together as a family and strengthening family ties. Maintaining our composure is very important for our children to get through the quarantine days well.
We have a few suggestions for you:
Teach and encourage your children to ablution. Ablution soothes the soul. It gives the Muslim peace of mind and spiritual strength.
Include your children while doing your daily work. Cook together every day. Preparing something with family members will be good for the whole family. Clean together and even make the cleaning a game. Share responsibilities at home. Fold the laundry together. Don't miss the hours of sleep. Play games together. Family games contribute greatly to strengthening children's belonging, trust, peace and family ties.