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Bekaclean Antibacterial Disinfectant General Cleaner 9247 5 Lt 9247







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Product Information:

Today, hygienic and hygienic conditioned environments are gaining more importance day by day. Many epidemic (infectious) diseases that pass through environments that are open to public use, infect people more commonly and sometimes even result in deaths. In addition, allergic asthma and mite-dust allergies appear as a factor that decreases the quality of life in a large part of the child population. BekaClean is a natural and human friendly, antiallergenic cleaning solution that has daily cleaning, hygiene and deodorizing properties, and can be used in all levels and living areas, including carpets and textiles. T. C. It has successfully passed all clinical tests carried out by the Ministry of Health and has been awarded a Biocidal Type2 product license.

General Properties:
It offers daily cleaning, permanent hygiene and deodorizing properties together.

It is effective on all surfaces including carpet and textile.

Does not require rinsing, leaves no residue.

It ensures that the environment remains sterile for 4-5 days after application.

It delays dirt, lime and dusting with the microfilm layer it forms.

It is effective against many types of bacteria, fungi and viruses. It prevents algae.

It shows its effect between 3-30 seconds after application.

It has never used alcohol and its derivatives, phenol, aldehyde.

It is not acidic and bleaching. It does not harm the structures of the materials used.

PH value is in the range of 7-8. It can be used safely in hand hygiene. Thanks to its natural oils, it moisturizes and softens your skin. Configure hypoallergenic.

It is 70% effective in preventing epidemic (infectious) diseases in public areas.

ISO-13485 and 100% Made in Turkey in line with European norms of production are produced in Turkey.

It is an environmentally and environmentally friendly product. It does not spoil the flora.

Sample Application Areas

Toilet and bathroom
Faucets, shower heads, door handles, handrails
Kitchen countertops, Tiles, marble, vitrified surfaces
Wood, furniture, textile products
Carpet, Chair, curtain
Leather and plastic surfaces, materials
Table, chair, bed and pillows

Directions for use

BekaClean should be applied by spraying method. It should be waited for a few seconds by spraying 30 cm from the area to be cleaned. After waiting, heat should be wiped with a clean cloth (microfiber recommended) until dryness is achieved.

If the area to be used is a textile product (carpet, sofa, bed, pillow, etc.), it should be waited for 5-7 minutes to dry after the above procedure is applied.

Dosing should not be done with water and similar substances.

Glass and mirror cleaning is not recommended. It requires very good erasure if applied.

BekaClean should not be mixed (not to be mixed) with another cleaning product.

It is recommended to air the areas where cleaning is performed for a few minutes and not to breathe too much during cleaning.

The product should not come into contact with the eyes and mucous membranes; If it does, it should be washed with plenty of water.

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