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Dressing Mistakes That Make Your Age Look Older


Choice of clothes, accessories, and color choices has a great impact on your appearance. The choices you make about it can unintentionally show you older than you
are. A number of mistakes you make because of your choices can increase your age and decrease your style. With some important touches, you can escape these
mistakes and have a younger image. Some tips that will show you younger:
  • Let's talk about the headscarf first. The scarves create a classic atmosphere. As wearing a shawl creates a sporty look, use of shawls makes the person younger
    than the scarf. For this reason, it is necessary to take care of this subject in order to look younger. You can choose sport shawls. At the same time, you should
    stay away from patterned scarves to charge.


  • Women particularly overweight should be more careful in the selection of vests. The vests can show you bigger than you are. This will give you an image that
    is not beautiful. Instead of a vest, you can choose a well-dressed jacket or blazer that will show you younger.
  • You should avoid from large patterned clothing. These models can make you look older than you are. You should pay attention to this to have a finer and
    younger appearance.
  • The colors you use are so important. You must stay away from the colors that make you pale. The wrong combination of colors can also show you older. It is
    necessary to pay attention to the use of a single color.Use of dark color will make you taller than you are. You must avoid from neon colors.
  • The fabric used in your clothes is also very important. Velvet, satin and jersey clothes are riskier. You must be very careful when using clothes from these fabrics.


  • We can make mistakes when trying to combine shoes, bags and accessories. This false effort could make us look a little old-fashioned. If you do not want to
    look classic, you have to give up that effort.
  • You should avoid from the big and thick bezel frame. These types of glasses are usually used to close dark circles, but small frame glasses will work better
    than these glasses.
  • If you are over a certain age and weight, avoid platform shoes. You should choose the finest and elegant.