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8th March World Women's Day
8th March World Women's Day
Even though the story of the 8 March International Women's Day is tragic, it is a special day celebrating around the world the importance of women's rights and power.  Its origins begin in the early 1900s with the awareness of the women standing behind their deserved value in America. Women's social and political life; work and family life in the world to highlight the importance of the place it occupies in our lives,  8 of March International Women's Day celebrating with enthusiasm in all around the world and  Turkey.

Changing the role of Women in Society
It is unfortunately not possible to say that women who are identified with rootstock attitudes and compassionate nature in Turkish culture always see the value they deserve. The ladies had to struggle with too much inequality and injustice in this land. A wide audience advocating the so-called equality of opportunity and freedom in Turkey, being branded ladies wearing headscarves for many years and did not hesitate to exclude them from all areas of life.Their personalities, experiences, knowledge and most fundamental rights and freedoms were ignored cause of the headscarf, and even deprived of education rights, they were despised in business life.The women who were unable to use their most fundamental rights because they were not admitted to public institutions, high schools, university campuses, social life and production by justification of the headscarf,  it was the bleeding wound of the Turkish society. The intervention of our mothers and our sisters personal choices  was a great inequality in terms of human rights,  although many ladies in hijab did not submit to these difficulties. Even though the ladies in hijab can make their voices more powerful in all areas of life, the past suffering has never been forgotten.
Nowadays, both in the business world and in the social life without compromising the ride high  Ladies in Hijab,  women protecting their rights by 8th March World Women's Day on universal level. 

Successful Ladies in Hijab
Nowadays Ladies in hijab are dazzling success from fashion to science, art decoration, politics to sport in many areas of life.Thanks to the equality of opportunity highly educated and highly equipped hijab in businesswomen take a part in high schools, universities, public institutions. Similarly, with equal rights to ladies in hijab who were not allowed to work in public in the past, they can be more hijab in women's duties, teaching, and doctors. Ladies in hijab able to represent the people who have served in Parliament and Minister positions. Ending difficulties in the most natural rights of education and work in the field,  increases their motivation needed to improve themselves. The women who carry the spiritual value of the headscarf in their hearts can proceed confidently without having to compromise on the way to success. On the other hand, it is possible to say that the psychological pressure created in the past on Ladies in hijab is still ongoing. Ladies in hijab do not need to listen to the general pass judgings and negative rhetorics in society to achieve success. For this you can mobilize yourself with the enthusiasm of the world Women's Day of March 8th.  Read the success stories that will inspire you to step into your dreams that you might not postpone or fail to perform. See that you are not alone and can succeed. Your goals are not as far away as you think!

The Inspiring Success Story of Oya Okur Erciyeş
The story of Oya Okur Erciyeş inspires  ladies in hijab who aiming to sign new achievements.  A father of a blacksmith and a housewife of a mother's children, Oya Okur Erciyeş, after settling in Canada starts to sew clothes for herself with the fabrics that brought from Turkey.  At the same time, Ms. Oya, who has been studying fashion design, realizes the shortness of options in the clothing area of Ladies in Hijab at Turkey. Most of the clothes that do not carry design anxiety are produced for export purposes only appeal to the ladies who have the high-income level, women who are not able to reach these clothes cause of their financial situation, that attracts Ms. Oya's attention.
 Ms. Oya  wants to provide a variety of dressing opportunities for women who love to dress differently and to take care of the ladies at every income level ladies in hijab by offering affordable product options, tells the project to his brother Mehmet Okur who is a famous businessman.
 Sefamerve which has approved in order to Ms. Oya’ staying in Turkey,  3 months goal determined by Mehmet Okur and Sefamerve’s 3 months income 3 times beyond to determined goal. Sefamerve  became the address of cheap elegance for ladies in Hijab. The word of cheap calls poor quality in some of people minds. However, Ms. Oya's struggle in the early years is entirely on this subject...
Oya Okur Erciyeş, who has made it a principle not to sell any product that she can not wear, aims to meet the needs of both young girls and adult ladies in the field of clothing in accordance with the hijab size. Increasing participation in social life and the business world Ladies in hijab began to take extra care in the clothing, Oya Okur Erciyeş discover to the needs of this point, expands Sefamerve's product range office clothing collections to meet the need of ladies in hijab. Oya Okur Erciyeş's success story in the field of e-commerce social media contribution is also very big. Sefamerve, the second largest Turkish company that has been developing in the field of e-commerce using Facebook in the most effective way, started this journey with only a team of 5 people. Now, continues to add the elegance of the ladies in a hijab with more than 160 employees.

Elegant of Hijab’s Address Sefamerve 
It's easy to have style in the business world and in daily life with a growing family of Sefamerve's religiously stylish designs. You can enjoy comfortable and sporty suits throughout the day on a regular day. Special occasions such as prom, engagement, wedding, special invitations, hijab evening dresses that offer the elegance of the ladies' soul, like snap fastener shawl, smart scarf, hijab bonnet designs and hijab cardigan, tunic, skirt, blouse, cape, abaya, etc.  You can find every style outfit that a lady needs in a wide product range of sefamerve. The 8th of March World Women's Day can be a milestone for you, which celebrates the importance of equal opportunities and celebrating the power of the ladies. Follow in footsteps of the Oya Okur Erciyeş and the successful steps that made by many ladies in hijab have scored in different sectors, and reach your goals! Without leaving the right path, a future is waiting for you to set your own boundaries. Never mind what's stopping you until now. Listen to the voice of your heart and never stop dreaming. Remember, Sefamerve was a dream. Now he's directing hijab fashion.  Sefamerve, which has easy access to all the needs of  ladies in hijab for clothing and accessories, constitutes an important example as a great success story of a lady in hijab.