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Autumn - Winter Season Special Fashion Hijab
2018-2019 Autumn-Winter Hijab Fashion
Autumn, the harbinger of a new season, has its own colors. More
we can say that the brown and khaki tonesare consubstantiated with this season.
In 2018 Autumn - Winter season, we see again, the earth tones come to the fore and
accompanied by plaid details, imitation furs, floral patterns and metal accessories.
Which Hijab Colors Will be Fashion This Year?
Inspired by the changing color of nature, designers began to apply this change to their designs.The long cardigans, which are dominated by coffee tones and cream transitions, will be the savior of this season. Especially the colors applied in the knitting models should definitely take place in your wardrobe.The colors such as mustard, earth tones and oil green come to the fore this season.For those who want to experience dynamism as well as earth tones, orange, pink and acid green are the most prominent colors.The colors of cinnamon and tiles, which are most suitable for autumn, will be among the colors frequently used in trench coats and abayas
A little tip; In the Autumn-Winter season of 2018-2019.
world-renowned brands are combining vibrant colors with neutral colors in their fashion shows.
Which Patterns and Details will be Fashion this Year ?
One of the most popular patterns this season is plaid.The plaid pattern, which is used in all areas of the season, from cloaks to trench coats, abayas to tunics , are the most striking pattern of the season.
The plaid pattern used in every area of the tunics is the most conspicuous pattern of the season. Features.Especially the use of plaid on skirts seems to be the trend of this year.In addition to the plaid pattern, different patterns are among the trends of this season.Flower patterns are dominated by dresses this season. You can have an eye-catching style with a vivid color cap on a patterned dress.
Top Fashion Combination of this Year
The most striking feature of the fall-winter season is the use of leather laser cuttings, gold metal
buttons and tassels. One of the most loved pieces of autumn, the cardigans arms will feature sequinembroidery and metal details. The use of plush on the capes of the season is
indispensable.You can create your own style by using snap fastener plushs in different pieces.With its shiny metal details and simple and soft textures, knitwear is ready to be placed in your wardrobe.Pleated skirts continue to be effective in the new season as in the summer.You can catch the trend by using metallic, leather or velvet fabric . In cold winter days, you can use these skirts with warm knitwear.
2018-2019 Autumn - Winters designs, looks like will be full of light-colored and patterned combinations that will help you stay away from pessimism and will make you feel better.