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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Combining Clothes
Although we like to be fashionable and stylish, sometimes we can be frustrated by small style errors. We decorate our cabinets with fashionable pieces, we create
combinations to take example on the model maker. Sometimes we make mistakes without even realizing it. We have collected the mistakes that many women have made.
Here are some examples of faults that women make.
  • The accessories for a woman are very important. The accessories can make a very nice or very bad outfit. The choice of accessories is very important to complete
    the combinations and highlight some parts. The secret of this is to stay away from ungraceful and exaggerated pieces.
  • Beware of multi-layered suits to protect from the cold in the winter months. Wear a shirt under a sweater, a cardigan over a sweater, a coat over a cardigan, a more
    overweight look and an unattractive view. For this reason, we should pay attention to combinations of several pieces.
  • A fashion mistake made by choosing bad shoes when trying to raise your height and seem slimmer. Extremely high heels disturb the foot and become a nightmare
    for those who can not walk very well.
  • One of the most common mistakes is to wear a single color or to try to be colored. Colorful patterns and opposing colors should be avoided as much as possible.
    On the other hand to avoid this, it is not necessary to remain stuck on a single color. For example, you can choose a color in your skirt selections, but you can make
    multiple color choices on your tops.
  • Women who think they are not elegant enough do not hesitate to adapt trends to the extreme. Use the flying trend both on the side and on the skirts, prefer metallic
    colors on pieces, exaggerate pearls and stones are examples.
  • Very few women come out of the house consciously with creased clothes. However, when buying a product, it is important not to buy clothes that do not have an
    easy-to-iron fabric or that have the ability to look wrinkled after a short time.
  • The past has always been a desire. In this period, vintage pieces are very fashionable. But the thing to note is that today's fashion needs to be made prettier with
    some vintage pieces. Doing the opposite and wearing old pieces from top to bottom will make you both old and bad.
  • When you use reading glasses with a neck strap, it will make you older. You should also choose modern frames for your glasses.
  • Although wearing black in general shows us stylish, it may not always be the case. With age our skin will lose its shine. In this case, wearing black will reveal our
    flaws. If we choose black, we should certainly combine with bright colors.

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