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Rich Nutrition in Zinc, Iron and Vitamin C

Rich Nutrition in Zinc, Iron and Vitamin C

Our food preferences, our diet, are linked directly to our immune system. Vitamins and minerals that our body cannot produce, can provide by what we eat and drink. So we can provide ourselves with a natural supplement.
Our diet also provides a barrier against viruses and bacteria that surround the world.
We have listed foods rich in zinc, iron and vitamin C for you.

Foods containing vitamin C:
Orange, kiwi, red pepper, parsley, pineapple, cauliflower, mango, lemon, peas, tomatoes, broccoli, melon, rosehip, mandarin, butter, arugula, grape, onion

Iron-containing foods:
molasses, pumpkin seeds, red meat, white meat, egg, liver, spinach, chard, lettuce, butter, arugula, mint, chickpeas, curry, beans, kidney beans, wheat, barley, oats, rice, rye, corn, raisins, prune, palm dates

Foods containing zinc:
Peanuts, cocoa, chickpeas, kefir and yogurt, shrimp, peas, walnuts, mince, oysters, fish, meat, liver, wheat seed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried beans, almonds, eggs, cheese, and milk