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Frequently Asked Questions About Corona Virus ( COVID - 19 )

Frequently Asked Questions About Corona Virus ( COVID - 19 )

-How to be diagnosed?
Molecular tests are available in our country to detect the new Corona Virus. It is working in the laboratories of the General Directorate of Public Health.

-Is there a drug to prevent or cure?
There is still no known treatment for the disease. According to the general condition of the patient, the necessary supportive treatment is applied.

-Can it be cured with antibiotics?
Antibiotics are not used to prevent or cure infections caused by viruses.

-Is there a vaccine?
There is no vaccine developed for the new Corona Virus yet. However, vaccine development studies and cure studies are continuing.

-Who is more affected?
According to the data obtained, the risk of severe infection is high in older people and those with chronic diseases.

-Can home-care animals infect the new Corona Virus?
Pets such as cats/dogs cared for at home are not expected to be infected with the new Corona Virus. After contact with pets, hands should always be washed with water and soap. This will provide protection against diseases that may be transmitted from animals.

-Does washing the nose with saltwater help prevent the new Corona Virus infection?
No. There is no evidence that washing the nose with saltwater protects people from the new Corona Virus infection.